Synergy Tea and Chocolate Pairing Box (February)

This LOVE pairing box is a perfect way to celebrate love, friendship, a special celebration or a loved ones birthday,  Each box includes 3 bags of loose tea and 3 chocolate bars.

The LOVE box has 3 bars of chocolate from Canadian bean-to-bar chocolate makers:

  • Hispaniola (Dominican Republic 70%) made by Hummingbird Chocolate, 28g
  • Winter Warmer (Tanzania 65% with warming spices) made by Sirene Chocolate, 70g
  • Raspberry bar made by Soma Chocolatemaker, 33g

Plus 3 bags of loose leaf teas curated by World of Tea in Ottawa:

  • Organic Wulong Tea from Taiwan, 21g (6 servings)
  • Darjeeling Tea from India, 21g (6 servings)
  • Handcrafted caffeine-free herbal tea featuring dried fruit and flowers with a gentle touch of natural sweetness, 18g (6 servings)

All boxes always include tea and chocolate tasting tips as well as tasting pages if you wish to take notes as you taste your tea and chocolate.

Treat yourself or a loved one and order your pairing box today!