About Us

Synergy ~ the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.


Synergy Tea & Chocolate brings together tea and chocolate to provide you with an amazing tasting and pairing experience.

We are Cyndi and Ji ~ Synergy.  We joined forces to combine our passions, experience, and expertise in chocolate and tea, to create Synergy Tea & Chocolate. Synergy seemed a natural fit as our business name, as it combines our two names, our knowledge, unique skills, strengths, and passions into something greater than we could accomplish on our own.


Cyndi is the SYN in Synergy

Having always been drawn to chocolate, Cyndi Clement (Sin-dee) decided to learn even more. Having taken several chocolate tasting courses, she is a certified chocolate taster, chocolate educator, and judge for the International Chocolate Awards. She brought her knowledge and passion for chocolate to Synergy and is excited for all the amazing tea and chocolate pairings there are to discover. When she isn’t eating chocolate, she is creating handmade items with chocolate as her muse. She uses her artistic training in goldsmithing to create a line of chocolate-themed jewellery, illustrated The Chocolate Notebook, designs fabric, and is always finding new ways to use chocolate packaging to create works of art. Cyndi lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and you can find her on Instagram @CanadianChocoholic.

Ji is the GY in Synergy

Having enjoyed tea since childhood, Ji Li's (Gee Lee) deep connection with tea started 13 years ago when she studied tea in China and became a certified National Tea Art Specialist. Working with and learning from tea farmers, producers, and tea experts in India, China, Taiwan, and Japan has given her deep knowledge and appreciation of tea. Along with her husband, they opened @world_of_tea_ottawa on Bank Street, a shop dedicated to introducing quality artisan teas to tea lovers here in Canada.
Ji is also a long-time student of Omotesenke School of Japanese Tea Ceremony and the founder of Ottawa's @teachocolatefestival. She has been bringing tea and chocolate together for years!
When she's not working, she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family.